Setting up a website to cover the history of The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment during The Great War might seem like a bit of a presumption. But, we want to try and create a space for people to share the stories of their family who served, as well as publishing our research. We’ll also let the men speak in their own words and try to help raise the profile of this historic regiment during the Great War.

We hope you find it interesting and will want to join in the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have for many years run a web site part of which is dedicated to the RWK Regiment in the Great War. My wife’s grandfather was a Sergeant in the 1/4th Territorials and volunteered for Foreign Service. They shipped out on the transport Somali on 29th October 1914.


    • Thanks for commenting Richard. Your own website is terrific! I’d be interested to know more about your wife’s grandfather. This site is very much in the early stages but I hope it proves a useful resource where people can make connections


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